You say sweat, I say glow

Turns out that old adage about men perspiring and women glowing is kinda true. 

Japanese researchers find that men are better at sweating during exercise than women. 

Why’s this important?

Well, because sweating helps the body regulate temperature.  The more efficiently you sweat, the easier you can level your temperature and continue with whatever exercise got you sweating in the first place.  Failure to do so results in a strained effort and likely a very red face, high heart rate and labored breathing.

So why are women worse at sweating than men?

Women, by nature, have less body fluid than men.  This means they have less to lose in the first place and are more prone to dehydration.  One reason we may not sweat as much is because our bodies are trying to conserve what we do have.

There’s also the theory that testosterone increases sweat output. 

But take heart women! 

Whereas men begin to perspire the minute they start to work hard, some of us women (and sadly, that doesn’t include me) need to work longer and harder before we start to sweat glow.

So the efficiency advantage goes to the men, the staying fresh advantage goes to us.  Besides, women aren’t all that concerned with efficiency anyways.  If that were the case, we’d walk around in sneakers all the time and not pack our closets with sky-high heels.


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