Where to watch the NYC Marathon

This weekend the biggest and probably most well-known marathon takes place in New York City.  Tens of thousands of runners will lace-up their sneakers and pound out 26.2 grueling miles through the five boroughs on Sunday, November 7th.  Obviously, it’s too late to run in the race yourself, but it’s not too late to take part in another way…cheering those runners on!

By far the best place to watch and encourage the runners is along First Avenue in Manhattan.  Not only is the location convenient for most people to get to, but the restaurants/bars that line that stretch of the route go all out to make sure everybody has fun.  And here’s something I’ve learned from experience:  if you can, try to get yourself over to the east side of First Avenue.  The crowds tend to be less dense on that side, ensuring no one will be stepping on your toes or screaming right into your ear.  (If you do this, make sure you do it early, crossing the street will be near impossible once the race really starts.)

The NYC Marathon Route -- all 26.2 miles of it

Here are more places where you can root your favorite runner on (see map for complete route):

Brooklyn — the Brooklyn Academy of Music (mile 8)

Queens — Just past the Pulaski Bridge (mile 14 — halfway point!)

Bronx — 138th street (mile 20 — where most runners will hit the wall and need all the support they can get!)

Manhattan — First Ave from 59th – 128th Streets (miles 16-19)

                            Fifth Avenue from 138th – 86th Streets (mile 21-23)

                            Central Park South (mile 25 — best place to watch the elite races come to an end)

Good luck to all those taking part!  You’re all already winners in my book!


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