Turning the heat up

As the days (and nights) get colder, here’s a neat idea to stay warm…make you’re own heating pillow!  Even if you’re not Martha Stewart, this is definitely a project you can tackle with ease. 

These heating pillows are great especially if you don't have a couple of furry bears to huddle with!

What you’ll need:

an old, cotton sock or pillow case

uncooked rice or wheat or dried corn (NOT popping corn) or cherry pits

optional: lavender buds, chamomile flowers, cinnammon, cloves, nutmeg

string or ribbon

What to do:

Fill the sock or pillowcase with the uncooked rice or filler material, taking care not to stuff the sock.  (You’ll want some room for the filling to move around.)  If you like, add the herbs/spices to give your heating sack a soothing scent.  Tie off the sock/pillowcase using the string or ribbon. 

To Use:

Heat the sack  in the for 1-2 minutes in the microwave.  If you’re worried it’ll burn, put a glass a water in the microwave alongside the sack when heating up.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but the sack will be hot,  so take care when removing it.  Cuddle up with the sock and voila!…warmth!


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