Watching your weight just got more complicated

Just when I was finally memorizing all the point values of my foods, Weight Watchers has gone and upended its entire points system.  And I’m not talking a few changes here and there.  Nope, it’s an across the board overhaul.  Major tweaks include:

  • All fruits and most vegetables are now worth 0 points.  That’s right, nothing.  Those foods you’ll still have to count include starchy veggies like potatoes, corn and peas.
  • Certain processed foods and alcohol now have higher point values.  For example, a Thomas light English muffin jumps from 1 point to 3 and 3 glasses of wine will set you back 11 instead of 6.
  • There’s now a higher, minimum points level and dieters are given more “flex” points per week.

Weight Watchers says the point (pun intended) of the overhaul is to focus more on wholesome, good for you foods.  Under the old system, with all foods assigned a point value, you could technically lose weight while eating junk food, so long as you stayed within your daily/weekly point allotment.  With this new system, Weight Watchers is trying to bring the focus to eating healthier.

I, for one, applaud them for the effort.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll be trading in the old system for the new one anytime soon.

For starters, I already eat a diet compromised of mostly fresh/wholesome foods.  I really wouldn’t be changing my diet all that much following the new system. 

Second, I don’t see the need to run out and buy new books when I’ve been doing just fine (i.e. losing weight) with the old system.  Like they say, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

And a warning to those who think this gives them carte blanche to stuff themselves silly with fruits and vegetables: eating too much of anything will eventually lead to weight gain (not to mention a massive stomach ache!)


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