12 Days of Sporty gifts — things for a swimming

One of the few places you can workout without any distractions is in the pool.  I happen to love swimming, alone with my thoughts and only the sound of my breathing, but that extreme isolation keeps a lot of people out of the water.  

If you know someone like that, then give them the gift of underwater music this Christmas. 

Waterproof headphones come in a variety of styles (earbuds, wraparound) and colors with prices ranging between $19 and $50 dollars.  Waterproof MP3 players are also available, but they’ll set you back a hundred bucks or so.  One of the cooler ones, called the Nu Technology Dolphin Touch, actually has an FM tuner that let’s you listen to your favorite radio station as you rack up the laps.

If you’re not looking to spend that much and know someone’s who’s willing to take a risk with their iPod, then you  might want to buy them a waterproof case specifically designed for an iPod.  I’ve never actually used one, but they claim to be 100% waterproof up to a depth of 12-19 feet.  I’m assuming they do what they say because there are more armband/case options than MP3 players.

A great place to find all of these gifts is swimoutlet.com


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