12 days of sporty gifts: Day 3 — OMG, Shoes

No matter what sport the athlete on you gift list favors, odds are sneakers are a requirement. 

Running, cross-training, basketball, tennis, soccer, track and field all require a specialty shoe.  The variety is abundant, the styles and colors are daunting, to say the least.  (The Nike website alone has over 300 shoe choices in at least 3 colors each for women alone).

So many choices!

Now, buying a pair of shoes as a holiday gift is a no-no.  Athletes are really particular about their gear, especially the footwear.  We seriously spend hours researching which shoes are best for our sport and our feet, so buying us a pair you think we’ll like is not recommended.  Instead (and yes this may seem impersonal) buy a gift card for a good sport retailer.  (Put it in a shoe box with a bow if you want to make it more personal.)  Nike, Foot Locker, Super Runners Shop, JackRabbit are all good choices.

For runners, I really recommend Super Runners Shop or JackRabbit as they feature those treadmills where they watch you run to determine the best shoe for you.  Another bonus at JackRabbit…when your sneakers wear out, they’ll ship a new pair of the same shoe to you.  No need to go back to the store!

Only 10 shopping days left till Christmas!


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