I’m a 20 something gal living in the big apple who, after struggling her whole life not to resemble the fruit her city is nicknamed after, can finally call herself healthy and fit.

I’m a walking, running, swimming, skiing, biking, weight-lifting, cardio blasting, yoga taking triathlete.  I’ve logged hundreds of hours at the gym and almost as many hours reading about everything I can to workout harder, faster and stronger.  But I’m not a fitness freak.  Really.

 I don’t see the point in expending all that time and energy unless you’re going to spend equal time relaxing and feeding your body, mind and soul.  To me, an ideal life is one that’s balanced.  That means having a martini while getting a pedicure after working your butt off during spinning class.  That’s the life I strive to live and, if you let me, I want to share what I learn with you. 

Did I mention you’d also be eating bon-bons in the above scenario?


One Response to “About”

  1. Fari Says:

    It’s a never ending battle but yeah we have to make time for fitness – ugh =)

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