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Chafed Thighs — Summer’s Bane

June 29, 2010

God, it’s hot. 

A girl’s best friend in this weather is the skirt.  It’s cute and has built-in air conditioning.  But it’s not always the most comfortable choice of clothing if you’re carrying around some extra weight.  I’m talking about chafing — the result of your (and my) meaty thighs rubbing together.

Some of my friends opt to never wear a skirt in the summer because they want to avoid the pain and redness.  Others, will suffer through the heat wearing Spanx just so they don’t have to wear pants.  I’ve come up with a different solution.

Say bye-bye to chafing!

Head to your local sporting goods store and buy the anti-chafing roll-ons or sticks that they sell for runners.  Rub it on your thighs…and voila!  No more chafing.  Seriously.  I have two different brands at home.  One is like solid stick deodorant (Body Glide).  The other is like a roll-on deodorant (Sport Shield).  I prefer the roll-on.  It glides on more easily and lasts longer, although it is slightly oiler than the stick version.  Neither stains my clothing or has an offensive smell.

I also use it on my feet.  You know those cute summer shoes that always end in blisters?  Just apply this stuff to those areas where you usually get the blisters and I swear your feet will survive unscathed.

So try it!  After the first summer outing, you’ll wonder why this stuff isn’t mass marketed towards women instead of just athletes!


Tips to Stay Fit

May 13, 2010

Looking for some new exercises to inject into your gym routine?  Then check out this Fit Fact. The blog is relatively new, which means there aren’t that many, but I have it on good authority that a new exercise will be posted every week.  For those of you who are too lazy too click through here’s this week’s video on single leg squats.

Bend and Snap

April 30, 2010

Squats are a great way to firm up your behind.  But if you hate them because they hurt your back and/orknees, it could be that you’re doing them wrong.  Check out this one minute squat tutorial and get your ass(ests) in check!

Like a Ton of Bricks

April 23, 2010

Ask a woman which area of her body she wants to tone and odds are she’ll either answer (1) her arms or (2) her hips/thighs/booty.  We took care of that first answer last week.  If you missed it, here it is again.  As for number 2, let me introduce you to the brick workout.

Brick workouts are simple, yet really effective at slimming your lower half.  Start out on the bike.  You’re going to want to spend about 1/2 to 3/4 of your workout time pedaling.  When time is up, transition to the treadmill and start running.  Finish your workout there.  And that’s it!  After the first time, you’ll understand why it’s called a brick workout. 

For those of you who want to know what you’re getting into before trying, your legs essentially feel like bricks as you changeover from biking to running.  You’re going to have to force the run at first, but as your running muscles get warmed up, you’ll fall into your normal running rhythm.

Like I said, I found this a great way to tone those hips, thighs and glutes.  I recommend working a brick workout into your workout routine no more than once every other week.

Another reason to love that booty

January 19, 2010

This just in:  those curvy hips, shapely butt and thunder thighs are good for you!

British researchers say the type of fat carried in that part of the body has the ability to soak up fatty acids and contains an anti-inflammatory agent that stops arteries from clogging.

But these scientists warn that sporting a rotund tummy with that pear shaped bottom negates whatever good comes from a big butt.

You can read more about their research here.

What I find most fascinating are these two lines:

“Science could look to deliberately increase hip fat, they told the International Journal of Obesity.  And in the future, doctors might prescribe ways to redistribute body fat to the hips to protect against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.”

I guess we have a future of J.Lo clones to look foward to!  Sir Mix-a-Lot will be happy.

Thunder, thunder, thunder thighs

September 5, 2009

Ok ladies…this is the news we’ve been waiting for.

A team of Dutch researchers has found that having thinner thighs can spell an early death. 

Thunder thighs -ho!

thunder-thighsSeems like backward thinking, but these scientists suggest that it all boils down to muscle versus fat. 

 Their research leads them to believe that people with thighs measuring smaller than 21.6 inches (get out that tape measure!) may have too little muscle, which could mean they can’t process insulin properly, increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease.  Less muscle can also be a sign that you people with chicken legs aren’t getting enough exercise.

But don’t swear off those squats and lunges just yet.  The study also found no increased health benefit from having thighs larger than 23.6 inches.  So aim for a number between 21.6 and 23.6 and reap the benefits of having wonderous, thunderous thighs!