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Adios Adult Acne

May 3, 2011

I, unfortunately, am one of those women who has to suffer with adult acne.  It’s not enough that zits plagued my teen years, nope, I continue to endur the plague (I know it’s not, but it might as well be) into my 30s.  If you’re like me, then you’ve tried everything in the name of clear skin.  Here’s something new that’s been working for me.

Try switching up your skincare regime to include one product with salicylic acid and a second with benzoyl peroxide.  Doctors have recommended the two separately forever, but new research finds that when used together, two are definitely better than one.  The trick is to use the salicylic acid product first and then follow it up with the benzoyl peroxide.  Apparently, the first opens up pores which allows the second, which treats breakouts, to penetrate.

Seriously, what have you got to lose?


Vinegar Redux

April 8, 2010

So back in February I wrote about the supposed wonders of vinegar, especially the apple cider variety.  A couple of the home remedies I mentioned included drinking a tablespoon of it before meals and mixing it with water to make a toner to clear up acne.  I tried both.  Here’s what I found.

The pounds didn’t drop after a few weeks of drinking a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with water or vegetable juice.  Like I said earlier, I think the method is just another way to make you feel fuller before sitting down to a meal.  If this trick works for you, then great!  If not, you’re stuck sucking down vinegar everyday with no results.

I experienced much better results with the vinegar facial toner.  I use a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts green tea once a day (usually before bed).  My skin has cleared up dramatically.  Combined with a non-soap cleanser and an over-the-counter acne med to tame flare-ups, I’ve finally gotten the acne under control.  (It’s about time, I’m waay past being a teenager!)

I’ve also got a recipe for a great exfoliating mask that I use once a week that combines the powers of green tea, apple cider vinegar and honey…another miracle product hiding in your pantry.  But more about that later.

Facing Spring

March 11, 2010

With the end of winter in sight, it’s time to put your best face foward for spring.  Here’s a great all natural mask, that you can make at home, that will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and it might just help get rid of those pesky pimples.

What You’ll Need:

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (DON’T use any other kind!!)

2 tsp green tea (brew and let cool)

5 tsp sugar + an additional 2 tsp sugar

1 tsp honey

Mix the vinegar, tea and first 5 tsp of sugar together in a bowl.  Stir in honey until it’s paste-like.  Add the additional 2 tsp sugar.  Mixture should be very thick.  Using a cotton pad, smear the mask on your face and then use your fingertips to massage it in, about 2-5 minutes.  Rinse with warm water and follow up with your regular skin regimine.  The leftover mask can be stored in the fridge up to two weeks.

Got Milk?

November 6, 2009

Milk may do the body good, but it can harm your face.  milk_325

Three large studies have found that the more moo juice teens and adult women drink, the worse their acne gets.  Researchers blame the natural hormones in cow’s milk for the increase in zits. 

If you’re a big milk drinker, but suffer from breakouts, doctors suggest switching to soy or rice milk. 

Beauty takes sacrifice people!  (that is unless you’re a soy/rice milk fan)