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Peek a boob

June 2, 2011

Thumbing through the pages of  Fitness magazine and came across an ad for what I think is an ingenious product.

It’s called the No Show Active Top.  Have you heard of it?

It’s basically a coverup that fits over your otherwise skimpy bikini top.  It looks like a sports bra, but is definitely more attractive and flattering.  This is for the gal who doesn’t just lay out on the sand at the beach, but rather the more active beachgoer who maybe enjoys a good game of pick-up volleyball.  What it does, is keep your boobs from popping out of your top while you’re running around.  Sure you could throw on a T-shirt, but that’s not cute.  This is. What I want to know is why no one thought of before!

Check it out:

(The name of the website alone is worth checking it out!)


Coming out of hibernation

March 31, 2011

As much as I hate to say it, bathing suit season is getting closer.  Now, while I’m not one to go on a crazy crash diet to shed those winter pounds (and neither should you!), I’m not against a kick-ass move that’ll whip those abs back into shape.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the best move for toning your abs is this:

Now just lift your legs and you're all set!

Lie face up on the floor, legs lifted to 90 degrees with your knees bent.  Extend your arms overhead.  Now curl your torso off the floor, lower and repeat! 

Work that move into your routine and you’ll have bikini-worthy abs in time for Memorial Day!

Racing toward the end of summer

August 31, 2010

Looking for a different way to spend your Labor Day weekend?  How about competing in a 5k?  On Sunday, September 5th, Morristown, New Jersey will host the Dirty Water Rock and Run to benefit clean water efforts in Africa. 

Registration is $30 and includes a T-shirt (naturally), swag bag, free food and a live entertainment.  Race time is 11am.   If you don’t feel like running, they’re still looking for volunteers.   AND if you finish fast enough, you’ll still have time to soak in those last rays of the summer sun at the beach!   (I’d stay away from the hot dogs, though)

Afternoon D-lite

July 29, 2010

Being summer and all, I’m sure you’re lathering on the sunscreen everytime you know you’re going to be spending an extended amount of time outside.   But the fact is, while that sunscreen is helping to preven skin cancer it’s also blocking our bodies from getting the amount of Vitamin D it needs.

Just how essential is Vitamin D?  Almost every tissue in your body (we’re talking skin, heart, brain, muscles and immune system) has receptors for it.  And a lack of Vitamin D affects bone growth and can lead to a loss in bone density, not to mention there are new studies that suggest it results in an elevated risk of certain cancers, heart disease and high blood pressure and various auto-immune disorders.

More and more people suffer from a lack of Vitamin D and a lot of it has to do with how well we protect ourselves from the sun.  That’s because our main source of it comes from the sun’s ultra-violet B rays.  Vitamin D can also be absorbed through food sources (like fortified milk and orange juice), but you’d have to consume massive amounts to get the amount the body needs.  There are also supplements you can take, but they can be dangerous because if you take too much, your body is unable to get rid of it.

So the best way to make sure you’re getting Vitamin D is to spend some unprotected time in the sun during these hot summer months.  In fact, one doctor tells the New York Times that if we get enough summer sun exposure, our bodies should be able to produce enough Vitamin D to get through the entire year! 

Now, I’m not condoning spending an entire day at the beach without sunscreen.  That would just be stupid.  Here’s what that same doctor mentioned above recommends:  wear minimal clothing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. two or three times a week for 5 to 10 minutes.  That means no sunscreen, except on your face, where you should always wear it.

So the next time someone tells you you should always wear sunscreen, don’t feel guilty and then share the info you just learned!

Tips for staying safe this holiday weekend

July 2, 2010

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is upon us.  The beach!  Pools!  Fireworks!  Backyard BBQs!  Go out and enjoy, but do me a favor and stay safe.  Lest you need some reminding, here are my top ten tips for a safe summer.

1 — Wear Sunscreen!  At least an SPF 30 if it’s your first time out in the sun.  A lower SPF means you’ll burn quicker, not tan faster.  And don’t forget to reapply, especially after swimming or excessive sweating.  If you’re not sure when it’s time to lather up again, invest in some UVSunSense bracelets.

2– Wear Sunglasses!  Protecting your baby blues from the sun is just as important as protecting your skin.  Some studies suggest prolonged unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays increases your risk of developing macular degeneration.

3–Stay Hydrated!  And no, parking yourself next the keg in the backyard doesn’t count.  Be sure to drink plenty of water.  The hotter it is, the faster you lose liquids.  If you are imbibing, try to alternate every other alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

4–Swim Supervised!  This goes especially if you’re at the beach.  Be sure to only swim in the waters patrolled by lifeguards.  With Hurricane Alex churning out there in the Atlantic, rip currents along the coast are stronger than usual.

5– Leave the Fireworks to Macy’s! Emergency room visits skyrocket during the fourth of July holiday, mostly because of all those backyard fireworks shows.  If you want to keep all your fingers and toes, let the pros handle the fire show.

6–Don’t Drink and Drive! Believe it or not, the Fourth of July is the deadliest holiday weekend for drunk driving.  Yes, even more than the New Year holiday.  So if you’re drinking, please make sure you have a designated driver.  If you’re not drinking, but will be on the road, be alert to the dangerous drivers around you.

7–Don’t Get Sick!  Summer grilling seasoning is high time for food poisoning.  Whether it’s salmonella or E coli or just food that’s been left out in the heat too long, take care to not get sick (or make your guests sick).  Make sure everything’s cook/served/stored at the proper temperature.  That’s unless you don’t want to host the BBQ next year!

8–Shoo Fly!  Bugs.  They’re the bane of outdoor summer fun.  If you want to keep them at bay, skip the scented soaps, perfumes and hairspray.  If your backyard is especially buggy, invest in a sunscreen with bug repellent. 

9–Don’t Forget Fido! Pets, like people, aren’t immune to the hot weather.  They can become dehydrated more quickly than humans, so make sure your pooch has plenty of fresh water available if you’re taking her along to the picnic/BBQ.  Also, make sure she has a shady place to rest.

10–Practice Moderation!  Here it is again, the BuffBroad golden rule!  Whether it’s the sun, or the water or food and especially the alcohol, don’t overdo it.  Too much of something isn’t always a good thing.  But don’t forget to have fun!  Being happy is one thing this buff broad doesn’t think you should moderate!

Happy Fourth!

Photo courtesy of Flikr

Monday Music Mayhem — Summer Edition

June 21, 2010

Summer is finally here!  It officially started at 7:38am EDT.  So get out there and enjoy the longest day of the year!  In honor of the season…a list of summertime songs.

The Heat is on — Glenn Frey

Vacation — The Go Go’s

Summer Girl — Beck

Boys of Summer — Don Henley

And my personal favorite:

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini — Bombalurina

Monday Music Madness

May 31, 2010

Summer is unofficially here!  To celebrate, this week’s list is all about the sun, surf and sand (or at least songs that evoke that summertime feeling).  For more songs about the sun, check out this previous post.

Pump It — Black Eyed Peas

Wipe Out — The Surfaris

Grease Megamix (you know you love it!)

Enter Sandman — Metallica

And to cool down you can’t go wrong with:

Summerwind– Frank Sinatra

Don’t get burned by suntan lotions: list of the best

May 26, 2010

Cruise down the suntan lotion aisle at your local drugstore/pharmacy and the options are sure to overwhelm you.  But if you’re wondering which to take along on your inaugural summer trip to the beach this weekend, look no farther!

The Coppertone girl. She didn't make the list.

Consumer Reports recently tested 12 popular sprays and lotions and found 4 that provide the best protection.  Oddly enough, they’re all sprays.  They are: Up&Up Sport Continuous (Target), Walgreens Sport Continuous, Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous and Aveeno Continuous Protection.

The winning sun protectors were ranked on how well they protect against UVA and UVB rays, water resistance and price.

And like any survey, there are, of course, the worsts.  They are: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40, Avon Skin-So-Soft and Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free.

See the entire list from Consumer Reports here.

Summer shoes

May 21, 2010

So an old post of mine about the dangers lurking in your flip flops has been getting a lot of hits lately.  I guess it’s ’cause the weather is heating up and people can’t wait to ditch the boots (I know I can’t!), but I digress.  Considering it’s popularity and the fact that the official start of summer is just a weekend away, I thought I’d re-post it.   By the way…if you’re looking for some new nail polish to brighten up those toes, I suggest the color “Sunshine” from Avon.  Their “Tropical Punch” is also a delicious summer polish.  Get them both here.

Killer Shoes

Bouncing around the web recently and came across this headline “Can Your Flip Flops Kill You?”  What?  Say it ain’t so!  Not my favorite summer-time footwear!  Now before you go and throw out the ten thousand pairs of flip flops currently cluttering the bottom of your closet floor, it turns out you won’t drop dead the next time you slip into that pair of hot pink beach sandals.  (A sensational headline – shocker!)

The story comes via the TODAY show, which commissioned the University of Miami’s emergency mobile flip-flop lab (those things exist?) to test footwear on the streets of New York.  What they found, in a word, is gross.  One pair of toe thongs yielded more than 18 thousand bacteria.  Wait…it gets even more disgusting.  The kinds of germs were bacteria from fecal matter, yeast infections and diaper rash, to name a few.  Makes you think twice about wearing flip-flops the next time you ride the subway, no?  But me, being me, I’m not yet ready to throw my shoes away…so what’s a flip-flop aficionado to do?

Here’s the pro advice (common sense, really): avoid touching your flip-flops and your unwashed feet as much as possible and take off your shoes before walking around the house.  Done and done.

Should I stay or should I go?

March 3, 2010

I love going on vacation.  Having all those months of planning come to fruition in one week of relaxed bliss is wonderful.  Heading back into work after a week in paradise, not so much.  But before I know it, I’m happy once again as I countdown the days to my next trip.  I often wonder if everyone go through this rollercoaster of vacation emotion?  And it turns out, they do.

A team of Dutch researchers set out to measure how happy vacations make us and you know what they found?…the biggest boost of happiness comes from planning the trip and the high lasts about 8 weeks!

You would think our good mood would continue after getting back home, but it doesn’t.  Apparently happiness levels for most people drop back to normal once the vacation is over.  Only those who reported being “very relaxed” while away were still happy back home, but the euphoria only lasted two weeks.  One reason cited for the mood swing is the stress of going back to work. (Um, hello?!)

But I’ve saved the best part for last.  Want to know how to remain happy through the year?  Researchers recommend taking small breaks throughout the year instead of blowing all your vacation time on one epic trip.  I can live with that, question is can I afford it?

SOURCE:  How Vacations Affect Your Happiness