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12 days of sporty gift ideas

December 13, 2010

There are only 12 shopping days left ’til Christmas and if you have an athlete on your gift list, fear not.  Between now and the big day I’ll have 12 great ideas for the active person(s) in your life.

Seeing as it’s still early, you can still get away with ordering a gift online and having it delivered in time for December 25th.  With that in mind, why not gift some branded athletic gear for the next big race on that athlete’s schedule?

Whether she’s training for the New York City triathlon, a marathon or an Ironman, the race is bound to have T-shirts, sweatshirts, bike jerseys, hats and other accessories stamped with the race logo. 

My favorites tend to be the ones that have “In Training” stamped on them (like this one).  I’m also a big fan of the NYC Marathon gloves that list the names of the five boroughs on the fingertips.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret.  These clothes are something we’d love to buy for ourselves, but often don’t because we have too many other things to pay for like entry fees, sneakers and extra tire tubes. 

Here are links to some of the biggest online race stores:

New York City ING Marathon

Nautica New York City Triathlon

Ironman Gifts

Still looking for that perfect gift?  Don’t worry…I’ll bring you another idea tomorrow.


Take the money and run

October 5, 2010

Over the last few years, I’ve entered in a handful of races.  They’ve all been competitions I’ve wanted to participate in, but I’ve noticed something of late.  They’re getting expensive!

 Take, for example, the Disney Princess Half Marathon which is scheduled to happen in February at Disney World.  If you were to sign up for the race today, it’d set you back $140.  $140! 

Want to run in the prestigious New York City Marathon?  If  you can snag a spot, you’ll have to cough up $185 dollars to run 26.2 grueling miles.

And over the past three years, I’ve paid upwards of $500 to compete in three triathlons.

Now, I understand it costs a lot to put on races of such magnitudes, but come on.  I shouldn’t have to break the bank to run in a handful of races every year.  If the logic is that without all that money I wouldn’t be able to get a free T-shirt, a banana and maybe a medal at the finish…then I say keep the trinkets.  (Although I guess you could argue I’ve saved a lot of money by not having to buy PJs, since I have all those T-shirts).  But seriously, just let me compete!  I’ll even pay for the banana and bagel.

Here’s to tri-ing hard

July 30, 2010

Some teammate I am.  Two weeks after we swam, biked and ran our way around New York City, I still have yet to honor the accomplishments of my triathlon team.  Until today. 

Swim! Bike! Run!


I’ll have you know we turned in a decent time of 3:24:14.   That’s not bad for two newbie triathletes and an old pro.  What’s more…we didn’t finish in last place!

As for the individuals…our swimmer JC blew it out of the water with a time of 19:21.

I burned rubber on the bike (if I do say so myself), turning in a time of 1:45:47, beating last year’s time by more than 11 minutes.

And our runner RH battled the high temps and didn’t pass out, clocking in at 73:45 .

So congrats team…you did good!

Now onto the next one!  In my case that’s an obstacle filled 5K called the Warrior Dash and then a women-only half marathon on Long Island in the fall.

Ode to the Triathlon

July 13, 2010

This is it!  The last week before the NYC Triathlon.  The last few training sessions before race day.  Even though I’m competing as part of a relay team this year, I’m beat!  I can’t wait to say goodbye to  hour plus workouts three times a week.  In honor of the end of this year’s training season, I’ve written a triathlon haiku.  Hope you like it!  (I’d also like to send a special shoutout to my relay partners.  Go Newsflashers!)

Swim! Bike! Run!

Race day is Sunday!

Trained hard.  Hope I finish fast,

and don’t fall off bike!