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You Scream, I scream

May 11, 2011

Spring for me doesn’t just mean warmer weather and days spent enjoying the outdoors.  It also means ice cream.  This is going to sound crazy, but there’s something about sunny days that makes me want ice cream.  Doesn’t matter the flavor or whether it’s hard or soft serve, full fat or low-fat, I just desire a big bowl of it everyday.   Yes, folks, ice cream is my Achilles heel.

Sure I could buy the low-fat or sugar-free kind and eat a 1/2 cup serving each day, but the problem is, if there’s a container of it in my freezer, I rarely ever can stop after one scoop.  It draws me back one spoonful at a time and before I know it, it’s all gone.  And this cycle happens every time I buy it.  I try to convince myself that “This time I make it last,” but it never does.  And there’s no way I’m quitting it, so here’s the solution I’ve come up with that seems to work.

Instead of buying a pint or half-gallon, I buy single serving products.  I find I can more easily turn down a second or third serving if things are packaged separately.  Must be some kind of weird mental thing, but it works.  It also doesn’t hurt that those single servings cost more and so I’m more inclined to make them last.

You know what?  I think it’s time for some ice cream!  Right now I’m loving the Starbucks Ice Cream Bars…mmmmmm!


Monday Music Mayhem

May 9, 2011

Ahhh…what a beautiful spring morning!  Check out these tunes I picked fresh just for you!

Tik Tok — Sean Paul

Blow — Ke$ha

Just Can’t Get Enough — Black Eyed Peas

Give Me Everything — Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer

Party Rock Anthem — LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Allergy Sufferers Rejoice!

May 25, 2010

Sneezing?  Coughing?  Itchy and watery eyes?  Yup, we’re in the middle of a brutal allergy season (one of the worst in recent years), but it turns out all that suffering could actually be good for you.  Sounds impossible, I know, but get this: According to a stack of recent research, allergies may help protect against cancer. 

It has to do with how allergies activate our immune systems.  During an allergy attack, our bodies’ defenses kick into high gear in an effort to drive out whatever is irritating us.  (That’s way we sneeze and cough.)  Researchers think that as we’re ridding ourselves of allergens, we could also be flushing out cancer-causing toxins.  The concept is still fairly new (read: not widely accepted), but here’s a round-up (courtesy of the New York Post) of what some studies have found so far.

~Cornell University: reduced rates of lung, skin, throat and intestinal cancers in allergy sufferers

~Brigham Young University: lower risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and stomach cancer

~Harvard University: “a stong inverse relationship” between brain cancer and asthma, eczema, hay fever or allergy

If this theory proves true, it should be interesting to see how it’ll shape how we treat both allergies and cancer.  I should note, however, that there are a lot of other factors (smoking, obesity) that contribute to cancer risk. 

And if you’re curious about how your city stacks up against others when it comes to whose residents are more allergy prone, check out this Forbes article.

Tears in your beer

April 29, 2010

We’re in the middle of one of the worst allergy seasons in years.  Whether you blame it on the snowy winter, a dry April or climate change, the sneezing, wheezing and headaches have been unbearable.  And believe it or not, consuming alcohol can make your symptoms worse.  Here’s something I bet you didn’t know, alcohol (wine, beer and liquor) contains histamine.  Yup, that same chemical that causes your body to produce those allergy symptoms can be found in your favorite drink.  Life can be so unfair sometimes…

Tis the season for Buff Brides

April 14, 2010

The time for weddings is upon us.  And if you’re of a certain age, you’re entering that time of year when you’ve saved the date for almost every weekend.  Even if you’re not the bride, there’s always that push to drop 10 , 20, even 30 pounds before the big day.  The one area everyone wants to tone up?  Their arms.  (Hello strapless dresses!)  Here are few exercises to firm those wings up.

(1) Bicep Curls — A tried and true approach but if you’re not seeing results, it’s probably because you’re not using heavy enough weights.  Aim for a weight that only lets you do 8 reps instead of 15.  If you’re concerned about bulking up, read this.  Aim for 3 sets.

(2) Lateral Raises — Great for the shoulders, triceps and that flab inbetween your arm and chest.  Hold a lighter pair of weights at your sides, palms facing in.  Alternate raising one arm at a time to shoulder level.  Make sure you maintain good posture and that your hands are always in your peripheral vision.  To make this harder, alternate keeping one arm at shoulder level while raising and lowering the other arm.  Aim for 3 sets of 8-12.

(3) Tricep Dips — Simple, but effective.  Because you’re using your own body weight as resistance, you’re going to see faster results than those overhead lifts everyone likes to do.  Just make sure you keep your shoulder and wrists in line and that your elbows stay parallel as you lift and lower yourself using a bench or stable chair.  Aim for 3 sets of 15.

Add these exercise to your normal cardio routine and you’ll be a buff bride with killer arms in no time!

Monday Music Mayhem

April 12, 2010

It’s Spring!  Time to get outside and run or bike.  Here are some songs to keep you company.

Wind It Up — Gwen Stefani

Long Time Gone — Dixie Chicks

Get a Move On — Mr. Scruff

Fergilicious — Fergie

Time Is Running Out — Muse

An Easter goody

March 30, 2010

Just in time for Easter, there’s more good news about eating chocolate.  All I can say is…bring it on Easter Bunny!

Monday Music Mayhem

March 29, 2010

So it’s almost April (!)  and you know what that means…spring showers.  Kinda like today’s weather in New York.   Here’s a list of songs for when the rain forces you to workout indoors.

Umbrella — Rihanna

When Doves Cry — Prince (From Purple Rain)

Only Happy When It Rains — Garbage

Here Comes the Rain Again — Eurythmics

And I’d be remiss not to add one about (May) flowers:

Bed of Roses — Bon Jovi

Facing Spring

March 11, 2010

With the end of winter in sight, it’s time to put your best face foward for spring.  Here’s a great all natural mask, that you can make at home, that will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and it might just help get rid of those pesky pimples.

What You’ll Need:

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (DON’T use any other kind!!)

2 tsp green tea (brew and let cool)

5 tsp sugar + an additional 2 tsp sugar

1 tsp honey

Mix the vinegar, tea and first 5 tsp of sugar together in a bowl.  Stir in honey until it’s paste-like.  Add the additional 2 tsp sugar.  Mixture should be very thick.  Using a cotton pad, smear the mask on your face and then use your fingertips to massage it in, about 2-5 minutes.  Rinse with warm water and follow up with your regular skin regimine.  The leftover mask can be stored in the fridge up to two weeks.