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Kicking it up a notch (or ten)

January 7, 2010

Tired and bored of the same old workout? 

Then you’ve got to check this out. 

Chances are you’ll only be tired (and sore) after giving it a shot.  (I know I was…and that was just after watching the video!)


It Takes Two

December 30, 2009

People who work out with a partner are able to tolerate twice as much pain as those who go it on their own.

According to researchers at Oxford University who studied the school’s rowing team, an individual’s pain threshold seems to increase when they work with a group.  And they say the good-feeling endorphins that get released through social bonding might be the reason why.

So no pain, no gain, especially when you’re not the only one being tortured.

SOURCE:  Pulling Together Increases Your Pain Threshold

Living Strong

December 8, 2009

If you’re the type of person who sets lots of personal goals and then gets discouraged when progress is slow, is for you.

Yes, it’s the same Live Strong associated with Lance Armstrong, but the wesbite isn’t just about supporting people in their battles with cancer.  If you’re looking to lose weight, quit smoking or even eliminate your debt, this is the place to find people daring themselves to do the same thing.  (It’s called the Dare to Change Your Life.) 

Not only will you find a support group, the website has tons of tips and skills to get you to your end goal.  I have a couple of friends who use the site and they love it!  I suggest giving it a try if you need a little more prodding, after all, you’re not the only one struggling to _____(fill in your goal)!

Spinning Your Wheels

November 5, 2009

Some mornings, despite the best of intentions, we don’t make it to the gym or that spin class we had to sign up for two days beforehand because it fills up so fast. 

Enter spinning podcasts. 28_spinclass_lg

These are exactly what they sound like…spin classes in podcast form. 

No longer are you beholden to set spin times and crowded classes.  Now you can get the calorie-blasting workout that you love (and crave) on your own time. 

One of my fave spin podcasters is Trihardist.  Her music picks are good (a spin essential) and she keeps the talking to a minimum, which really lets you to get into a riding groove.  The “classes” are about 45 minutes long and include a warm-up, cool-down and stretch.

If you need more encouraging, just remember that you can burn upwards of 500 calories during a spin class.

Looking Good and Feeling Good

November 3, 2009

Want to look better?  Go to the gym.  No, seriously.  According to a new study from the University of Florida, you don’t actually need to see results to feel better about your body image.

Forget losing weight or getting toned, researchers found people who go to the gym, but don’t achieve workout milestones feel just as good about their bodies as their more athletic counterparts.  (Sweet!)

And this is true for men and women of all ages (although women tend to be more psychologically affected than men).

This is great news considering a whopping 60 percent of American adults say they don’t like the way their bodies look.  (who hasn’t had a “fat” day?)

So get out there, get moving and banish “fat days” forever!

SOURCE: Exercise Improves Body Image For Fit And Unfit Alike

The Low Down on the Cool Down

October 20, 2009

We’ve all heard it before…after an intense cardio workout, you should cool down.  The reasons why range from it helps reduce muscle soreness to it reduces the strain on your heart.  But what if I told you it isn’t necessary?  brrrrrrTurns out you can skip the cool down (not to mention shave 5 minutes from your workout).  Here’s why.

Staying in financial shape

October 8, 2009


So yesterday I touched on how not to lose money while trying to lose weight.  Here are some more suggestions to keep your wallet from getting a work out.

From Couch Potato to Stud Spud

October 7, 2009

This day and age everyone is looking to save a buck or two.  (I know I am!)  Some people are saving dough by canceling their gym memberships.  With monthly fees as high as $100 at some places, I can’t say I blame them, but this isn’t an excuse to get doughy.  Enter Exercise TV.exercisetv2

Available with Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, Exercise TV is a video-on-demand television network and there are programs for every fitness type. 

In a hurry?…choose one of the 10 minute workout options.  Looking to get rid of that spare tire?…there are a number of ab centric workouts.  Want to workout without feeling like you’re working out?…select one of the many dance class options from hip-hop to disco to Bollywood to Carmen Electra’s striptease.  If you’re looking for something with a slower pace, yoga and pilates shows are also available.

Best of all…there are hardly any commercials.  There’s one at the start of the show and then the occasional pop-up ad, but no breaks during the workout.

So get up off the couch and get moving!  You’ve really got no excuse now!

Training Smart

September 3, 2009

Ok, quick question, how many of you belong to a gym? 

Now how many of you really know the proper way to use all the machines? 

Yeah, me neither.  I’ve been going to the same gym for the last 5 years and there’s still an entire floor I shy away from because the equipment scares me.  

 On the other hand, I like to think I have proper form on the rowing machine and can properlyfunny-pictures-your-cat-has-been-working-out set up my bike, but let’s be honest,  I could be doing it all wrong and not know it because no one ever tells me otherwise.  Sure, the gym trainers want me to ask them for help (the backs of their t-shirts say so), but isn’t it their job to correct me if I’m using the leg machines to work my arms?  (Maybe that’s why I can’t my arms to look like Madonna’s) 

 Anyway, that’s the question the New York Times posed to trainers across the country and the answers are interesting.  They feel they’re basically damned if they do, damned if they don’t—it all depends on the attitude of the customer. 

Personally, I’d like to be told how to use the stuff correctly, especially if it leads to a more efficient workout which leads to less time at the gym which means more time spent catching up with what’s on my DVR.

No, the Treadmill Isn’t Also a Shoe Buffer